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She smiled and followed the soldiers who led her all the way across the bridge and up to the Royal Fortress. It was even more guard than the bridge and Royal Guard soldiers surrounded the area. "We should be at the Palace soon where you will meet the King."

Ishwari nodded and kept following them both, she felt her heart beating very fast and her nerves where very high. Her breath was also shaky along with the palm of her hands.


Once they arrived at the Royal Palace Ishwari looked up at it and was breathless. It was beautiful and so big. She almost couldn't believe that the King lives there. "Wow...King Min lives here?" She questioned.

They nodded and pulled out their guns just for protection. "Yes. Now follow us inside." They walked to the entrance of the palace and opened the door.

Ishwari looked inside and it was even more beautiful on the inside, it was peaceful and just overall gorgeous. She slowly walked inside and followed the soldiers into what appears to be a dining hall. Beautiful food was placed along a big dining table in the room and many drinks. It was even more breath taking.

She heard footsteps coming into the dining hall and assumed it was the King. She took a very big breath and was ready to see what he looked like since she had never actually seen the King before. So this would most likely surprise her.

A tall, black haired, slightly slanted-eyed man came into the dining hall and softly smiled at Ishwari; it was of course King Min himself.

Ishwari didn't expect for his apearance to be so....elegant and clean. He looked very proper and he had an undercut styled hairstyle. Which actually looked very decent on him. Ishwari had to admit that he is a little handsome but she shook her head and pushed that thought out of her head and remembered that he's a cynical dictator.

"It's quite a pleasure to meet you." The King spoke and folded his hands behind his back. "You're Tarun Matara, correct?"

Ishwari was brought back to reality by him speaking and nodded her head. "Y-Yes, your grace. I am Tarun Matara. My name is Ishwari Ghale." She told him.

Pagan smiled a bit more. "Very lovely name, dear. You look a bit tired, you should relax and get some rest in the guest room setup for you. You may unpack in there as well, just make yourself comfortable."

She smiled and nodded. "Thank you, King Min. That's very kind of you," She was surprised that he had such manners. A guest room already set up for her was very surprising to hear. She felt like a Royal from the proper treatment already.

"I'll lead you to your room," Pagan held out his hand to Ishwari.

She smiled and took his hand and noticed how natural it was to hold his hand. She didn't think the King was so....polite and well spoken. From what Mohan described he was evil and dangerous. But from what Ishwari has seen so far he didn't seem that way.

They reached her room and Pagan let go of her hand. "This is where you will stay, I hope it is to your liking, my dear. Enjoy your stay in my Palace. Again it is very lovely to meet you, miss Ghale."

Ishwari nodded and smiled back to the King. "T-Thank you again, King Min. This room is very nice, I appreciate it." She turned to look at the whole room and sighed contently, it was very nice and not too big or small. So it was very cozy looking and to Ishwari's liking.

Pagan quietly exited the room to let her get settled in but before he closed the door he remembered something. "Oh and tomorrow morning please do join me for a delightful meal so we can get to know each other a bit."

She looked at him and nodded once more. "Yes, your grace." She spoke before he did close the door and left Ishwari to her thoughts.

Ishwari looked around the room a bit more and smiled at the sight of everything in the room. It was beautifully decorated, and it was painted with soft colors. By a large window was it appeared to be a King sized bed with velvet red sheets covering over it. "This" She said under her breath and collapsed onto the bed. Feeling exhaustion take over her body and all she wanted to do was sleep for the night.
True Love (Ishwari x Pagan) (Chapter three)
Finally got chapter thee out ^^ more will be on the way hopefully! I need more inspiration to strike me haha
Ahhhh ya'll are all way too nice Love :happybounce: Heart  Thank you all for the very warm welcomes! <333 
She finished packing her bags fairly quick and sighed when she finished. She closed her eyes and let one small tear fall. But she wiped it away and set the bag aside and got into her bed. She mentally tried to prepare herself for the next day and meeting the King and trying to successfully prove herself to Mohan.

Ishwari didn't get too much rest that night just from all the stress that was being put on her, she couldn't handle it too well. She had never been so stressed about something before, but she didn't plan on giving up with this mission. She stayed up most of the night just staring up at the ceiling, contemplating about all of it.

Once she finally did fall asleep and wake up the next morning her nerves were getting even worse, the fact that the day was already going by so fast frightened her. But she still was trying to mentally prepare herself for the rest of the day.

She was dressed into something nice and fitting for her and she cleaned herself up and made sure she looked very nice. Ishwari looked into the mirror once more and sighed heavily then looked at a sleepy Ajay and chuckeld lightly. She knew that it was going to be difficult leaving him behind, she honestly could care less about Mohan. It was Ajay she was worried about the most. And just leaving him here with his father who obvioulsy wouldn't take care of him much.

"Are you ready yet?" Mohan called to Ishwari and was waiting for her to come downstairs. She sighed one last time and nodded. "Yes I'm ready!" She came down into the living room and folded her hands in front of her.

"Okay now remember, I want you to write to me at the beginning of every week to tell me what you have seen with Min. And I will write back." He explained.

She nodded and opened the front door. "O-Okay, I'll remember. See you soon I guess." She wasn't sure when she would see Mohan or Ajay again but tried not to think about it too much. All Ishwari worried about was getting intel from the King and attempting to gain his trust.

Ishwari started heading out to the direction of King's bridge which was luckily very close to her home. But after fifteen minutes of constant walking her feet started to her and she wanted to just sit down and be in the comfort of her own home already. But once she saw that she had reached the bridge relief struck her. "Okay..." She spoke to herself and already saw two soldiers guarding the bridge.

The Royal Guard Soldiers looked at her with much concern and aimed their guns at her. "Stay where you are! What is your business being here?"

Ishwari took a deep breath and tried to look proper in front of the soldiers. "I'm here to meet with King Min."

They both looked at each other and laughed hysterically. "You have no business with the King." They holstered their guns.

She narrowed her eyes and cocked her head. "I'm Tarun Matara." She sternly spoke.

They both shut up quickly and looked at each other again. "Right this way miss..." Of course they knew what Tarun Matara is and took is very seriously. And Ishwari knew that's what would get her access into the palace.

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Ishwari was at home with her beloved son, Ajay. She had just finished feeding him and playing with him. And now he was taking a nap and Ishwari had some time to herself. But not much time since her husband, Mohan, would be home soon most likely. But while he wasn't home she was cooking dinner for him and Ajay and herself.

The relaxing cooking and quiet time ended once Mohan finally returned home from another day of fighting with the Golden Path. "How was today?" She asked him, turning her head. Mohan sighed and slammed his gun down on the floor. "It was fucking horrible! It never gets better!" He shouted in frustration.

Ishwari flinched from him having his outburst and was worried that he had woke Ajay up. "Well maybe if you allowed women in the path you would be a stronger force, Mohan." She tried to somehow reassure her husband. "Are you kidding me?! I'm not letting women join! Women are useless! War is not their place!" He defended.

She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "But if you never let anyone else join how are you going to get stronger? How are you going to take down the King? You need to let women join, Mohan."

He narrowed his eyes and had an angry look on his face. "Excuse me but is a fucking woman right now telling me what to do?" He growled.

Ishwari rolled her eyes again and picked up Mohan's gun from the ground and aimed it at the window then reloaded it. Trying to show her husband that she can handle any weapon perfectly fine. "Look, it's not that hard. I can handle a gun."

Mohan widened his eyes and knocked the gun from Ishwari's hands and slapped her hard across the face. Leaving a massive red mark behind. "You will never do that again! No women will EVER join the path! Get that through your fucking head!" He shouted in anger.

She cried out in pain and held the side of her face where Mohan had hit her. A few tears fell from her eyes and she slowly turned her gaze back to her husband. She was scared to say anything else. He scared her so bad.

"If you saw what Pagan Min is like you would not want ANYTHING to do with this war ever again. Is that what it's going to take? Do I have to send you to spy in Min to make you stop?"

Ishwari sighed and wiped away her remaining tears. "If that's what it's going to take to prove it to you....then send me to the palace..."

He raised a brow. "You actually want to go to the palace? And spy on Min?" He gave her a questioning look.

"Of course I don't! But if that's what it's going to take to prove to you that a woman can handle this...then I want to do it." Ishwari puffed out her chest and stood tall in front of her husband.

Mohan narrowed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Fine...I want you to pack some things and ready yourself. I'm warning you, the King is dangerous. But try to gain his trust, and give me intel on him and everything he's planning on doing. I know that this will terrify you." He crossed his arms.

"You'll see, Mohan. I-I'll go pack...when will I be going?" She asked.

"Tomorrow, I want you to travel to King's bridge and tell the King's soldiers that you are Tarun Matara and you want to meet with him. Hopefully he will make you his guest of honor."

Ishwari nodded. "Okay...I'll go pack," She said and slowly walked into her room with Ajay still sleeping luckily. She grabbed a black luggage and bag and began packing a few of her clothes and other personal belongings. She didn't pack too much, the one thing she wished that she could bring with her was her beloved son, Ajay. She didn't want to leave him behind, especially since he was so little and he needed his mother.
True Love (Ishwari x Pagan) (Chapter one)
I am absolute trash for the Pagan and Ishwari story so I just had to do this fanfic x333 more chapters will come!


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